Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

FAQ’s about Chiropractic Care

At Simply Well Chiropractic, we collaborate with you to enhance your health and well-being. We take pleasure in guiding and educating our patients, offering expertise, health advice, and chiropractic care. Our services cater to everyone, from infants and children to seniors of all ages. Let’s address some common questions and concerns.

Chiropractic, a drug-free, and non-invasive treatment, is exceptionally safe for individuals of all ages. In comparison, various medical interventions like surgeries, experimental treatments, and pharmaceutical prescriptions carry high risks.

With personalized treatment, chiropractic offers a safer and more precise healing approach. A thorough diagnosis and tailored treatment lead to tangible improvements in your well-being, instead of relying on theoretical outcomes from conventional medical practices.

With personalized treatment, chiropractic offers a safer and more precise healing approach. A thorough diagnosis and tailored treatment lead to tangible improvements in your well-being, instead of relying on theoretical outcomes from conventional medical practices.

Newborns undergo trauma during birth, and their first adjustment can aid in healing any head and neck trauma. Regular adjustments post-birth can assist with latching problems, torticollis, and colic.

Chiropractic care in adolescence is crucial for a healthy adulthood. Subluxations can occur in the spine and other areas like the feet, knees, or shoulders. Addressing these areas early can maintain joint health. Chiropractic care can also address sleep issues, bedwetting, constipation, and support healthy growth.

We perform adjustments with utmost care to ensure that all patients feel comfortable during their treatment. It’s common for some patients to feel slight soreness or tightness after an adjustment, which is a normal reaction to the treatment.

Additionally, we provide gentle adjusting techniques for individuals who prefer non-manual adjustments.

During your adjustment, you might notice some “cracking” or “popping” sounds, which is perfectly normal. This phenomenon is known as cavitation, where pressure on the joint releases trapped oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide gases. This release of gases can alleviate pressure in the joint and improve how you feel.

In our office, we utilize digital x-rays to improve our examination outcomes. When the initial examination doesn’t show any notable findings, x-rays are unnecessary. However, if the findings correspond with symptoms, we will perform x-rays on the particular spinal area that needs focus.

The key to effective adjustments lies in customizing the treatment to suit each patient’s unique needs and health goals. For individuals dealing with intense pain, expect more initial sessions, gradually decreasing as progress is made on the path to recovery. Conversely, those focused on preventive care or maintaining overall well-being will require fewer visits compared to those addressing specific issues. Our advice? Integrate maintenance care to combat unexpected challenges that may affect your spine. Drop by periodically to address any misalignments post-treatment and ensure your body functions smoothly like a finely-tuned machine!

Don’t have insurance? No worries! We offer affordable rates that make chiropractic care accessible to all. Our special touch? Tailored care plans that provide top-notch service without causing financial stress.

Once you’ve scheduled your initial appointment you will be emailed new patient forms. Once these forms are filled out, they will be sent to our office for review by one of our doctors in preparation for your visit. If you are unable to complete the paperwork beforehand, don’t stress! Just arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to complete it. Your first appointment is expected to last 45-60 minutes.


At Simply Well Chiropractic, we have carefully designed our office with a primary focus on ensuring patient comfort. Our aim is to cultivate a relaxing, family-friendly environment. Below, we will outline what you can expect during your initial visit to avoid any surprises.


Upon arrival for your first appointment, one of our staff members will warmly welcome you at the front desk for check-in. We will ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and collect a copy of your ID and insurance card (if applicable and not previously provided). After this, we will guide you on a brief office tour to familiarize you with the surroundings and help you feel at ease.


During your complimentary consultation, you will meet with one of our doctors to review your health history in detail, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of your current health concerns. Together, we will discuss your health objectives, which will guide us in formulating a tailored treatment plan. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.


Following the consultation, we will proceed to one of our adjusting rooms to conduct orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as assess your range of motion. These assessments are essential in enhancing our understanding of your health status.


Based on the examination findings, we may recommend X-rays to ensure precision in diagnosis and treatment planning. For your convenience, we have an in-house digital X-ray suite for efficient imaging.


After the examination and X-rays, we will return to an adjusting room to perform the adjustment. If it is your first time receiving an adjustment, we will guide you through each step, ensuring your comfort and understanding of the process. Once your adjustment is complete, we will address any remaining questions and assist you in scheduling your next appointment.

During your second appointment, we will thoroughly review your exam and X-ray results, go over your customized treatment plan, and discuss the associated costs. Once these are finalized, we will proceed with your adjustment! Subsequent appointments after the second one will be shorter, typically lasting between 10 to 25 minutes, depending on your required services.

We are affiliated with most major insurance companies in the area. If you suspect that we are in-network with an insurance provider not mentioned, feel free to reach out to our office, and we will investigate on your behalf.

Our affiliated insurance providers:

    • Aetna
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
    • First Health Network
    • Meritain Health
    • Medicare
    • New Life Era Insurance Companies
      • Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company
    • Human

In case we are not partnered with a particular insurance company, we can provide you with a superbill for reimbursement purposes. If you lack chiropractic coverage or prefer not to utilize insurance, we offer reasonable cash rates.

Our goal is to offer cost-effective and excellent care to everyone.