Chiropractic is a safe, gentle and specific treatment option for those who are looking to treat specific neuromuscular complaints or just looking to improve their quality of life.

Chiropractic care is beneficial to everyone! From newborns to elderly, receiving a chiropractic adjustment helps restore proper function to the nervous system improving immune function, quality of sleep, increased overall energy and decreased pain.

Newborn babies experience trauma during the birthing process and receiving their first adjustment can help heal any trauma that has occurred to the head and neck. Being regularly adjusted after birth can help with latching issues, torticollis and colic.

Chiropractic care during adolescence is essential for a healthy adulthood. Subluxations can happen within the spine but also other places like in their feet, knees or shoulder. Correcting those areas now can help preserve healthy joints. Chiropractic can also help with trouble sleeping, bed wetting, constipation and promote healthy growth.

We perform our adjustments as gentle as possible to ensure all patients are comfortable while receiving care. Some Patients may experience mild soreness or tightness after an adjustment. This is perfectly normal and is the body’s response to being adjusted. We also offer low force adjusting techniques for those individuals that prefer not to be adjusted manually.

While receiving your adjustment you may hear some “cracking” or “popping” noises which is completely normal, this is called a cavitation. A cavitation occurs when pressure is applied to the joint releasing trapped oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gasses. Releasing these gasses can help remove pressure from the joint and make you feel better!

At our office, we utilize digital x-rays to help enhance our findings and exam results. However, if the initial exam process does not warrant any significant findings, then x-rays are not required or necessary for care. If the results correlate with symptoms, then we will take a set of x-rays for any specific spinal region that is necessary for care.

The answer to this question all depends on the patients individual needs and health goals. Patients who are coming in with increased pain may need to be adjusted more frequently in the beginning and as care progresses they can go longer between adjustments. Patients looking for preventative or wellness care will be seen less frequently than those with problem areas. We always recommend some type of maintenance care while going through life due to physical and mental stressors causing the spine to misalign. Correcting these misalignments every so often after a care plan is complete is important in making sure we can function at our fullest potential.

If you either do not have insurance or choose not to use it, it is not an issue as we offer affordable cash rates to ensure that everybody can receive care, regardless of insurance status. We tailor our care plans to offer the best possible individualized care, while maintaining affordability.

After you’ve booked your first appointment either online or over the phone you will receive new patient paperwork via email. Once the paperwork has been completed it will be sent directly to our office where one of our doctors will review it and prepare for your visit! If you’re unable to complete the paperwork prior to your appointment, no worries! Just arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time and it can be completed then. Your first appointment will last 45-60 minutes.

Here at Simply Well Chiropractic we designed our office with patients comfortability being our first priority. Our goal was to create an environment that feels relaxing and family oriented. Below we’ll discuss what to expect during your first visit so theirs no surprises.

When you arrive for your first appointment you’ll be greeted by one of our staff members at the front deck to get you checked in. We will confirm all paperwork is complete and take a copy of your ID and insurance card (if applicable) if not received previously with your paperwork. Once that’s taken care of we’ll take you on a short tour of the office so you know where everything is and you feel at home.

During your complimentary consultation, you’ll meet with one of our doctors to go over your health history to help us learn more in depth about any current health concerns. We will discuss your health goals and this will help us determine a treatment plan. During this phase of the appointment we will also address any questions you may have.

Following your consultation, we will take you to one of our adjusting rooms and work through orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as checking your range of motion. These exams will help give us a better understanding of your health.

Following your exam we may take X-rays as we never want to guess about your health. We determine if X-rays are necessary from the findings during your exam. For your convenience, we have our own digital X-ray suite where imaging can be taken.

After completion of the examination and X-rays we’ll go back to an adjusting room and get you adjusted! If this is your first adjustment we’ll talk you through every step to ensure you’re comfortable, understand what we’re adjusting and why. Once you’ve been adjusted we’ll answer any remaining questions and take you back to the front desk to set up your next appointment.

At your second appointment we’ll provide a detailed review of your exam findings, X-ray findings and discuss your personalized treatment plan and cost. After all that is taken care of, we’ll get you adjusted! Appointments following the second visit will be much quicker, around 10-25 minutes depending on the services you receive.

We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Medicare. If you believe we are in network with another insurance provider that is not listed here, you may contact our office and we can look into that on your behalf. If there is an insurance company we are not in network with, we can supply you with a Superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you do not have chiropractic coverage with your insurance plan or do not want to use insurance, we have affordable cash rates!

We strive to provide affordable and quality care for all.